Have you ever been afraid of using new technologies? Today, they are constantly evolving and becoming stronger. In fact, never before have we used our computers, telephones, tablets, television or video game consoles so much, technological devices set the pace of our daily lives! We are constantly in front of our screens, but a major question always comes up.

Should we be afraid of this massive evolution of technology?

For some, they could lead to negative consequences and put a brake on the progress of humanity. For others, they represent a windfall towards a better world.

High connectivity means potential dangers

New technologies have led to changes in lifestyles and behaviours. They have invaded our society to such an extent that they are addictive for some individuals. Indeed, today everything is a pretext to surf the internet. We spend most of our time searching for information, chatting, shopping or listening to music. In other words, we are on the verge of an overdose!

Have you ever come face to face with someone who barely listens to what you’re saying because they’re too absorbed by their smartphone or what their computer is displaying? Unfortunately, this is a recurring phenomenon of isolation these days. One of the reasons for this is the development of technology. Family relationships are also taking their toll! Everyone is sometimes glued to their screen, without even caring about the physical presence around them.

In addition, there is also the problem of personal data protection. A topic that regularly comes to the top of the agenda. It should not be forgotten that personal information is disseminated on the net, is recorded over the long term and can be reused sometimes even without permission! The Internet is a gigantic spider’s web containing a multitude of information.

There is also geolocation, a process that allows a person or an object to be positioned on a map or plan. In other words, anyone can know where you are. This is a real invasion of your privacy. Isn’t it embarrassing to have a drink with friends in a bar and come face to face with people you’ve found because of your phone? With the internet, we are not out of sight!

Technology improves our daily lives

We often hear that new technologies are very useful. It’s true that they don’t all have flaws. But why? They flood our lives and our habits and are constantly expanding to simplify our daily lives.

The smart watch, the latest generation smartphones with a wide choice of applications, digital tablets that connect to computers, gyropods, bicycles and other electric mobility devices. All these products are technologies, devices that make our lives easier. So why deprive ourselves of them?

This two-wheeled electric technology vehicle takes the hassle out of downtown areas saturated by cars! The segway gyropod is moreover an object of technology that allows sharing, i.e. both the human aspect and technological innovation. It is now possible to share a moment with several people, to communicate while using this electrical innovation. No more isolation! And above all in an ecological way.

In other words, the technological and intelligent objects allow you to find the right watch for your needs. On the other hand, the Internet makes it possible to do a multitude of searches, to communicate for free, to shop live, to play.

So what about new technologies?

In conclusion, it can be said that new technologies can really be a godsend or a danger. We live in a society that has become technologically advanced and no one can stop the machine from making progress.

These objects have become indispensable and their usefulness has already been proven many times over, in professional circles or in the private sphere. The most difficult thing is to know how to use them reasonably without going overboard, because the virtual will not replace reality!