It is impossible not to note that all over the world there are seven steps of scientific and technological progress and its influence on everything happening in our world is very great. Every day we benefit from this progress, and we cannot imagine living the day without taking advantage of it. That is, already from this proposal, we can come to the conclusion that the use of Scientific and Technological Progress items every day leaves a mark on the personality of each of us and affects us throughout life.

Therefore, this question seemed to us very interesting, and in addition, this issue is not yet devoted to a lot of work. No, of course, we will not in our work consider the achievements of the STP in terms of whether it is good or bad. In this issue, we will not be conservatives and we believe that any achievement of scientific and technological progress every time raises a man to the top. Still, much attention should be paid to the issue of the impact of STP achievements on the personal development of each of us.

The influence of the achievements of science and technology on us begins in childhood. After all, after birth a very active development of the human brain begins. Naturally, one of the main factors of such active and fast brain development in children is achievement of technical progress.

If earlier some special effort was not required from the brain to learn the elementary things surrounding us, now most children who have reached the age of 3-5 are already trying to master the computer, to learn the initial skills of cell phone control, etc. Of course, all these technical novelties contribute directly to faster development of the human brain. And it would seem that all this should only benefit the development of our children intellectually, but as always there is this notorious “BUT”.

First of all, computers, tablets, cell phones, laptops, etc. are not only means that help a person to develop intellectually, but are also means of forming an idea of the world. For example, watching an action movie or a horror movie on TV can only do harm to a child’s psyche that has not yet grown stronger and is forming.

Modern computer video games have the same effect on children and adolescents. It is necessary to take into account the opinion of scientists that the first six years of life is the most important period in human development, and at this time the foundation of all future life, self-confidence, knowledge of what you want and love, self-esteem, behavior in stressful situations – then from this we should draw direct conclusions.

But the greatest danger for children and teenagers is the game addiction. After all, in the virtual world, a child does not need to be responsible for his actions, there he just lives on the written scenarios of programmers and designers. As a consequence, the development of the child’s personality is a virtual scenario, abstract from reality. Therefore, children in the aftermath, getting into the world of reality, become very cruel, excessively emotional, uncontrollable, they may also have a feeling of bad health.

If they are not helped in this state in time, these children may lose a number of important personal qualities in the future, such as: determination, restraint, stamina, responsibility, stress resistance, etc. It is worth noting that a lot of different kinds of research are devoted to this topic, so we will not focus on it in this work.

The second, most acute, problem of the impact of STP on people was “the cult of worship of annual technical innovations. It is not difficult to notice how over the past few years, people began to literally worship some types of modern gadgets. Certainly, all can be written off on consumer boom, but nevertheless if to be distracted and to consider all from the point of view of the theory of consumption it becomes clear that the given process does not completely correspond to the given theory.

According to the theory, demand only increases when there are significant changes in the consumer properties of the product, which of course does not happen annually. In other words, there is a mass dependence of people on annual technical novelties. Or as modern scientists call it – gadget dependence.

It would seem how gadget dependence can influence the development of human personality. But, with this type of dependence, a person’s objectivity of decision making is violated, which may also affect the development of personal and professional qualities of the person.

The third, most dangerous consequence of the development of STP for the normal formation of human personality is Internet addiction. Internet addiction is a mental disorder in which a person is very obsessively willing to enter the global network and is unable to leave it in time. The psychiatrist identified several major symptoms of this addiction: use of the Internet leads to damage to psychological, interpersonal, social or physical status; causes distress or stressful negative pain.

Also, the consequences of this disorder can include the degradation of the person’s personality, reduced motor activity: instead of standing up and looking out the window to find out if it is raining outside, the person in most cases would prefer to use the Internet for this purpose. At the moment Internet addiction is very widely discussed, but not yet recognized as an official disease.

Of course, to see the cause of all the above problems only in STP can not, and besides it will be wrong, but it is worth to take very seriously the fact that in many cases STP is a catalyst for the development of these problems.

In the end, I would like to note that all the solution to these problems mainly lies in the man himself. After all, to solve all these problems a person may not even need to seek professional help. If we talk about the prevention of computer addiction in children, you should pay attention to the fact that the upbringing of a child should be mostly reduced to the fact that the computer is only part of life, not the most important gift for good behavior.

The only currently proven way to prevent a child from being dependent on the computer – is to involve him in the processes that are not related to computer activities, so that electronic games and processes are not a substitute for reality. Show a growing man that there are many interesting activities besides the computer, which not only allow you to experience the thrill of the thrill, but also train the body and normalize the psychological state.

As for gadget-dependency in adults, you just need to find the strength and put yourself limits. Well, and if, nevertheless, with influence of achievements it is impossible to cope with the given ways, it is better to address for the help to the professional.

In general, the most important advice that can be given to get rid of all the modern problems associated with the STP, in fact, very simple: communicate more often with live people in the real world!